Flying drones safely and responsibly – what you need to know as a pilot and business owner

Don’t take chances with your drone. Whether you fly a quadcopter, multicopter or fixed wing drone, you can rely on the extensive expertise and experience of the aviation experts at Lufthansa Technik. Whether you are a business owner or professional or recreational pilot, there are many aeronautical, technical and legal aspects to consider when using your drone. We provide support in different ways, from certified trainings (online/offline) to services such as health condition monitoring.

For professional providers

The commercial use of drones offers many new opportunities. With SafeDrone, you can be certified as a professional service provider.

Anyone can fly a quadcopter, multicopter or fixed wing drone – but not everyone can do so professionally. You need to be familiar with all of the legal aspects and requirements of air safety. Today’s industrial and business customers expect their service providers to be properly qualified. A certificate from SafeDrone, backed by the technical expertise of Lufthansa Technik, proves your ability to handle drones safely and responsibly.

Make the most of SafeDrone for a competitive advantage. Improve the quality of your individual services with proven safety and expertise that will help you attract new customers. You can find more information on our offer for professional users here.

Your benefits as a professional provider and pilot with SafeDrone:

  • Free basic online training
  • Official responsible-flyer-certificate from SafeDrone
  • Good conditions at our partner for drone insurances (comprehensive cover or liability insurance)
  • Drone identification plate in different sizes and colours available
  • Access to useful information and checklists in the download area
  • Direct contact to the SafeDrone team of experts

Coming soon:

  • Professional advanced training and the official Kenntnisnachweis
  • Access to and listing in the SafeDrone pilot finder to help you acquire new customers
Training courses and Kenntnisnachweis


From 1 Oktober 2017 all pilots who want to use a drone with a payload of more than two kilogramm in Germany do need a so called Kenntnisnachweis. We are currently in the process on getting our online testing procedure accepted by the German Federal Aviation Authority. You do not need a practical training course to attend the theoretical examination for the Kenntnisnachweis certificate.

Further information will be provided as soon as we have the official approval.

Professional training - Profound knowledge on the use of drones and how to fly them

Practical experience is as important as theoretical knowledge. Therefore our partern Lufthansa Aviation training offers regular training courses encompassing theorie and practice. The multi-day course includes topics such as air traffic law, meteorology, technology and human capability.

More information on the training dates will be provided soon.

Free SafeDrone basic training

In our comprehensive online training, you’ll learn all the basics of safe drone flight – from theoretical knowledge to the safe handling of your remote-controlled aircraft – whether you’re a pilot interested in professional use or an amateur drone enthusiast. After passing the test you can download your responsible-flyer-certificate in your general overview. Depending on your previous knowledge, the training will take around an hour and can be completed online using your web browser. At the end of each unit, you can take a test to check your knowledge of what you have learned.

  • Introduction to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)
  • Components
  • Flight and control fundamentals
  • Types of unmanned flight
  • Aerodynamics fundamentals
  • Use of airspace and rules for UAS
  • Weather (meteorology)
  • Air safety

Please note: The certificate that you receive after the basic training is not the official Kenntnisnachweis. Neverless the content of the basic training has been created in accordance to the requirements of various regional aviation authorities and the new drone regulations in Germany.

Our mission
Shaping the future of unmanned aircraft systems.

Drones offer new opportunities in a wide range of sectors that must be safeguarded through the responsible use of this technology.

If your business satisfies the legal requirements, the process for offering commercial flight services is relatively straightforward. The regulations governing the civil use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in Germany are relatively liberal.

However, accidents resulting in personal injury or damage to property could quickly cast doubt on this liberal regulatory framework and result in restrictions to the possibilities offered by this fledgling sector:

  • The current lack of documentation requirements for pilots, aircraft and missions as well as the lack of transparency with respect to responsibilities has created numerous loopholes for irresponsible providers, who could permanently damage the sector and its promising opportunities for the future.
  • With the rapidly growing use of UAS in the private domain, the protection of privacy, data and copyright in particular as well as safe handling to prevent accidents on the ground and in the air must be ensured.
  • Thanks to strict quality and safety standards, commercial aviation is the safest of all transport sectors. But in contrast to manned aviation, neither the technical characteristics of commercial or self-constructed unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) nor the personnel and organizational requirements for the commercial operation of UAS have been defined. Unprofessional approaches therefore present a potential risk to safety in the air and on the ground. At worst, negative incidents could hinder the rapid growth of this new sector.

The mission of SafeDrone is to work with aviation experts to set transparent standards in the areas of technology, quality and safety, and thus minimize the risk of accidents resulting in personal injury and damage to property. We can only achieve this goal through cooperation with pilots, businesses and industry organizations. By registering with us, you can play your part in shaping the future of unmanned aircraft systems.

For hobby and recreational pilots

With modern drones it is easy to make the dream of flying a reality. Even if you only fly drones as a hobby, as a pilot you must be aware of your responsibility with respect to safety.

With free basic online training from SafeDrone, you will learn how to fly a drone safely and bring your dream of flying to life. Upon completion of the training you’ll receive a certificate from SafeDrone – verified by the aviation experts at Lufthansa Technik. Start today and enjoy all of the free benefits. Simply visit the SafeDrone portal and register online.

Your benefits with SafeDrone:

  • Free basic online training
  • Official responsible-flyer-certificate from SafeDrone
  • Good conditions at our partner for drone insurances (comprehensive cover or liability insurance)
  • Drone identification plate in different sizes and colours available
  • Access to useful information and checklists in the download area
  • Direct contact to the SafeDrone team of experts
Code of Conduct

We want to make unmanned aircraft systems safer. This will not only prevent accidents and misuse, but also make a significant contribution to the acceptance of the sector and the realization of the potential that it has to offer at many different levels. We have therefore developed the SafeDrone code of conduct.

All registered SafeDrone members voluntarily commit to minimum standards that meet not only current, but also a number of future legal and social requirements:

  • Registration as a pilot: Every UAV pilot is registered on our SafeDrone website.
  • Registration and insurance of drones: Every pilot registered with SafeDrone has all his or her drones registered on our website and has adequate insurance.
    There is currently no legal obligation to register a drone, though legislation on UAV operation is currently being drafted.
  • Legally compliant flying:  Pilots registered with SafeDrone commit to meeting current regulatory requirements and to flying their drones in a legally compliant manner. We will keep you up to date with the latest developments with our newsletter.
  • Training: SafeDrone pilots are committed to meeting statutory training requirements.
  • Standard operating procedures and logbooks: Pilots registered with SafeDrone commit to compliance with standard operating procedures and the keeping of logbooks.
    • Routine means safety. UAV pilots fly their drones according to recurring standard operating procedures (SOP), which they carry out before, during and after the flight. You can find a list of SOPs in our download area.
    • Recording all your missions with a flight logbook is proof of experience and completed missions. Logbooks can either be kept manually or automatically using software available from various providers. Registered users can find a sample logbook in the download area.


An initiative of Lufthansa Technik

As a partner of SafeDrone, you benefit from the combined aviation expertise of Lufthansa Technik, Lufthansa Aviation Training, DELVAG  and Lufthansa Aerial Services.

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) provides hobby and professional users with an increasing number of new opportunities. With SafeDrone, our aim is to share our civil aviation expertise in order to make the use and operation of UAVs safer.

You benefit from our expertise, our experience and our strong links with authorities and associations.

According to conservative estimates, in 2016 over 400.000 drones were used in Germany alone – with a rising trend. To guarantee a safe operation in the future, stricter regulations will be necessary.  SafeDrone does already fulfill future requirements by our high standard regarding technology, quality and safety.  Please be aware of your responsibility and contribute in the best way you can to keep drone operations safe.